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Pay with GELD or GELDC coins:

Pay with GELD or GELDC coins your merchant:
It is easy as 1, 2, 3 to pay any online- and offline-merchant with GELD and GELDC coins. And the good part: every time you pay you earn 0.1% of the transaction amount which we pay monthly to your GELD or GELDC wallet.

Few steps to follow:

1. Make a FREE account at www.Boerse.website/account/signup.php and confirm your account by clicking the link in your E-mail. Then login here.

2. Buy GELD or GELDC inside the member-area at the "Buy/Sell" section


3. Make sure you have enough GAS (ETH ), it should be a minimum of 0.008 ETH, in your GELD or GELDC wallet to be able to cover the low transaction fee of around 0.003 ETH.

4. Click "Wallet" and click the "Send/Senden" button below SGelderGER (GELD) or the

"Send/Senden" button below GELDCoin (GELDC) to be able to send GELD or GELDC to the merchant.

5. Scan the QR-code your merchant gave to you (use this online scanner, in case you dont have a scanner: (click here to open the scanner in a new window) or fill manually the merchant wallet-address in the wallet-address-field and fill the outstanding amount in EUR or USD.

The page will automatically convert the outstanding payable amount to GELD or GELDC coins.

6. Click the "SEND/SENDEN" button to pay the merchant the amount in GELD or GELDC.

The merchant will receive within 20 seconds the amount in their GELD or GELDC wallet.

7. Check your GELD and/or GELDC wallet-address at etherscan.io in the searchfield and send us to support(at)boerse.website every 30 days the summary of your transactions and we count 0.1% of every transaction you made to merchants and we will send your gained amount to your GELD/GELDC wallet within 2 business-days. Pay and earn :) Repeat.