• What is USDBO?

    USDBO is the stablecoin of Boerse.website/exchange and it´s  full name is USDBoerse. USDBO is pegged 1:1 to the USD, meaning 1 USDBO = 1 USD. So: Exchange USDBO and it´s market-pairs more easily without the hassle to deposit fiat money.

  • Can I list my coin on your exchange?

    Yes, eventually. Simply send your complete coininformation to admin(at)boerse.website and we will look into it and eventually list it for a small fee.

  • What is CMCSC?

    CMCSC is the CoinMarketCapStableCoin bound with it´s price to the CoinMarketCap of all cryptocurrencies. Momently (8.5.2021) the CoinMarketCap is 2.44 Trillion USD as we can see here: https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/CRYPTOCAP-TOTAL. Therefore: 1 CMCSC = 2.44 Trillion USD. Read the whitepaper: http://www.soerengelder.com/WhitepaperCMCSC.pdf There exist only worldwide 10 CMCSC and only around 1 CMCSC were given away for FREE on an airdop in the year 2020. 

  • How to get USDBO in my metamask.io wallet?

    USDBO is a member of the BSC, the BINANCE Smart CHAIN, and its token contract address is: 0xDE25A1745e9dd28C8B8FceA7d95886B25E0291Dc USDBO total supply of coins is: 1 quadrillion (quadrillion comes after trillion and it is a 1 with 15 zeros as you can see here: https://bscscan.com/token/0xde25a1745e9dd28c8b8fcea7d95886b25e0291dc) If you want to receive USDBO in your wallet we recommend you use metamask.io and choose the BinanceSmartChain and search then for USDBO and it should appear. If it does not appear you can easily add the USDBO token by clicking at your metamask window the "Add token" button and fill above token-address and save it. Here in pics explained: https://boerse.website/exchange/BSC01.jpg 

  • What payment get affiliates?

    Affiliates get paid 10 GELDC per verified  referred member untill 31st of May 2021.      Payments every month at the beginning between 1st and 4th by contacting Boerse with your user ID at telegram: https://t.me/sgeldercoins.  

  • For 1 USD in ETH I can really get a Lamborghini?

    Yes, you can win in July 2023 a brand new Lamborghini by simply swaping your ETH worth minimum 1 USD  to GELDC. The more ETH to GELDC you´ll swap the higher your chance of winning a Lamborghini here: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x9a2e92f57eb9aedf260d091c314a7f52ef0461a1&inputCurrency=ETH